About the instructor

My name is Olga Anikeeva and I’m a fan of embroidery. My crafting way started in 2008 with cross stitching but, in 2013, I tried my hands in decorative stitching. My inspiration came from Sadako Totsuka, a Japanese embroiderer and designer. My love for her works led to the creation of my Japanese Embroidery blog.

At the end of 2014 I had to pause my “Japanese” trend because of moving from Saint Petersburg to Budapest. At the moment I find inspiration in my garden house. About my Hungarian life read on by blog starakalamarka.blogspot.com and Instagram @olga_stara_kalamarka and facebook Olga.MiroliqueStudio.

Moving to Budapest changed not only my life, but my crafts, too. My house has the special vibe of old houses and motivated me to try new special embroidery techniques. The same year I tried lacemaking. Then, reticello, Ruskin lace, filet, Russian hand embroidery “Krestetskaya Strochka”, Richelieu, whitework and stumpwork embroidery were added to my skills.

In 2016, I got acquainted with traditional Hungarian embroidery and liked it much. Hungary turned out to be a source of many interesting and beautiful techniques, including the famous Kalocsai and Matyo embroidery.

Most basics I learn by myself. Anyway, I’m pleased to and impressed by learning from other skilled embroiderers and masters in Russia, Hungary and Italy. Since 2018, I have been attending the school of Höveji needle lace in Budapest led by Agnes Kovács. In 2019, I learned reticello and Aemilia ars in the Il punto antico association in Italy.

In 2019, I also decided to teach others. It was not an easy decision. As any creative person, I always hesitate about my own skills, but I have a strong wish to share my knowledge with other passionate embroiderers. If you feel this passion and like to discover your potential in needle lace, whitework or other techniques, come and learn!

Last but not least. Master works tell you more than words. See my works in the gallery below.

Create with pleasure, enjoy every stitch!

Olga Anikeeva