Hello! I am Olga Anikeeva. I took up handicraft in 2008. My first works were in cross-stitch. In 2013, I began working with decorative stitches. Currently, I’m, most of all, fond of needle laces as well as various types of Italian embroidery which I learn and work in all the time. As of 2016, I also create designs of my own. In 2019, I began teaching embroidery through online courses. My works can ne viewed here.


embroidery magazin

Some of my designes were featured in GIULIANA RICAMA, an Italian magazine punlished since 2014 and dedicated to embroidery. In this publication you can find materials on traditional and modern embroidery as well as laces macramé. The link to the magazine’s webpage is here.

My designes published in GIULIANA RICAMA come with detailed embroidery instructions. PDF files containg the designs’ drawings can be downloaded free of charge. Please, see the download links below. The drawings are to scale. Enjoy!

«Giuliana ricama» #37 november / december 2020 PDF file is here

«Giuliana ricama» #43 January / February 2022 PDF file is here


Hand embroidery patterns (.pdf files) at my store

All patterns are sold as PDF files. Patterns contain step-by-step embroidery instructions as well as a design (a drawing) to scale. All patterns can be purchased at my store Mirolique.

hand embroidery pattern
hand embroidery pattern
hand embroidery pattern
hand embroidery pattern
hand embroidery pattern
hand embroidery pattern


On this website I also keep a blog in Russian. The subjects of my articles are everything that pertains to embroidery and needlelaces: books, museums, exhibitions, schools and associations. The link to my blog is here. Below is the subscription form for the news. Enter your e-mail address and you will receive notices whenever there is a new post in the blog.

My blog (in Russian) — here

Should you hace questions, please write to me.

Questions? Write to me