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This course is the first in a series I plan to offer on Italian embroidery and needle lace. To a beginner, this project may seem too big and difficult, but this is not so. I prepared this design for embroiderers with little experience keeping the progression of steps from easy to more advanced. In this level, you will learn to work basic stitches and motifs used in reticello. The fact that they are repeated in many elements of the design will help the learner acquire practical skills faster.


Basic square and rectangular lattice (framework) in the fabric as it is worked by Italian embroiderers;

Six needle lace reticello motifs which you’ll be able to use in other designs;

Basic stitches of the Italian embroidery Punto Antico;

To work the borders imitating the Italian needle lace Aemilia Ars;

Secrets of the embroidery craft you won’t find in the books;

To develop your creative potential.



  • Your access to the course materials will be open for 6 months from the date of purchase. EXTENSIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Please, schedule your learning process accordingly. If you don’t complete the project within the specified 6 month period but still wish to continue you will have to purchase the course at full price again.
  • Once your order has been processed and payment received, you will receive your access link to the course at the e-mail address you used at registration.
  • The course consists of 15 lessons, including 1 introductory and 1 conclusive (care instructions). All lessons pertaining to the embroidery per se include detailed step-by step text instructions as well as multiple photo images, diagrams and videos.
  • To someone who is familiar with smartphones and desktop computers, the learning process should not present any difficulty. The course has been adapted to both the web and mobile interfaces. All you will need is the Internet access. Access to the course is provided through this website. If you have problems with access to the course you can always contact me via e-mail.
  • The learning schedule is as flexible as you want it to be. You decide how fast (or slow) you want to learn this or that lesson. In some cases, you may need only a week to complete one lesson but might take more than a month to finish another.
  • This course includes support from your instructor (me). You may ask questions and send images of your work as necessary as my e-mail address.
  • Upon completion of the course (which must include an image of your completed work and a filled questionnaire) you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Mirolique Studio. In addition to the certificate you will also receive a brochure of inspirational designs I put together based on the motifs you will have learnt in the course. These designs can be used to decorate doilies, tablecloths, cushions.
книги по ретичелло


  • Evenweave linen fabric ct. 38 or 36
  • Thread Perle #12
  • Thread #80 (for lace or crochet) or Thread Perle #16
  • Marking thread of contrast color
  • Crewel needle #9 or 10
  • Tapestry needle #26
  • A hoop 11-12 cm (~5 inches) in diameter
  • Scissors
  • A thimble
  • Tailor’s pins

Approximate materials usage for this course:

  • hread DMC Special Dentelles size 80 or Anchor Crocet Lace size 80 or DMC Cordonnet Special size 80 — 37 meters (~41 yards)
  • Thread DMC Retors d’Alsace #12 or Perle — 162 meters (~177 yards)
  • Evenweave linen ct. 38 — 40 x 40 cm (~15 ½ x 15 ½ inch)



I began working in reticello in 2015. At that time I couldn’t imagine that my (what I then considered just a) hobby will connect me to Italy. Initially, I was trying to learn on my own by searching the Internet and spending days (or indeed, weeks!) figuring out how to ‘correctly’ work this of that motif. Then I bought my first book on reticello. Then came the second, the third, and many many more. With reading and practicing came experience but doubts still remained. Do I work ‘correctly’? Is my execution of this stitch ‘right’? My doubts have disappeared only after, in 2019, I took a course of reticello from the Italian embroiderer Paola Barbieri. Now I want to share with you what I have learnt from my instructor


This Reticello course is excellent! Very detailed and clear explanation, as good and close picture for each step we should take as next! I fully satisfied with this course and recommend for everyone who want to learn Reticello!
Wiviane Oliveira

Highly recommend this course as the learning material is very detail and easy to understand.
Sock yee

This intensive course took me to a fantastic new level in my study of the reticello technique, as well as tips for improving my general embroidery habits! The pictures and written instructions are superb. The overall design of the finished piece inspired me to keep moving through each exercise. I look forward to more from this excellent instructor!
Joan Near

Price of the course: € 85


Currently my possibilities to receive payments are limited. I can only accept payments through direct transfer to my Wise account. If you wish to use the latter, please write me for details. I CANNOT accept payments through PayPal.


How much time will I need to complete this project?

An experienced embroiderer will need 55 hours of operational (working) time. If you don’t have experience you will obviously need more time.

I’m afraid I won’t succeed…

If you have doubts in yourself don’t waste your time. In order to succeed in embroidery (or anything else for that matter) you MUST WANT to learn. I will provide you with all the necessary support.

I have never embroidered in my life. Will I be able to learn?

Every lesson contains step-by-step text instructions as well as images and videos from which you will learn the correct position of hands and all other ‘secrets of the trade’. If, during the course, you still have questions they will be answered by your instructor through e-mail. With dedication and patience the result of your work won’t disappoint you.

Still have questions? Write to me.